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Services our Exercise Physiologist Offers

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One on One Consultations

Personalized care with a one on one consultation with an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. Goals, concerns, barriers, current situation and enironment will all be taken into account.

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REAL Resolution

A group exercise program for real people, not bootcamps but fun exercise for you at whatever stage in life you are. Safe, Simple and Fun is the motto of this program.

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Corporate Education

Entertaining, interactive presentations on a range of OHS subjects to suit your industry. Spent time training many industries means real world examples and unique insight.

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Exercise tailored for you in home or at a local gym depending on your needs. With a referral from your GP, we can care for you in a group setting or one on one depending on your preferences.

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Our exercise physiologist has a vast range of experience with workcover. We work closely with yourself, your GP and your case manager to ensure the best outcomes possible for you.

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Fitness Challenges

Here at REPS we have our own Ultimate Fitness Challenge that can help your team or club. It is a dynamic, diverse range of tests that allows you to see the areas in which improvements can be made.

question markWhat is an Exercise Physiologist?
Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals, completing an intensive four year univeristy degree. This allows them to clinically prescribe exercise, deliver these exercises and provide education in a safe, structed manner. We help a large range of people from healthy to complex medical conditions.
question markWhat can an Exercise Physiologist do for me?
Exercise Physiologists are trained to deliever the most appropriate mode of exercise to suit your condition. Exercise has been shown to help with nearly every condition, both physical and mental. An Exercise Physiologist will work with you to include the exercises that will help you, assisting to intergrate it into your current lifestyle.
question markWill the exercise be hard or time consuming?
All of our exercise physiologists understand how daunting exercise can be and have come across a mirrad of barriers. You will never be given something you can't handle. We will start you at a level you can easily manage and build from there until you can achieve what you set out to do. Time is a valuable resource in todays world, some of the methods we use allow those who are time poor to still be able to exercise.
question markI have medical conditions. Will it be safe?
As an Exercise Physiologist, our job is to look after your medical conditions, while giving you exercises that will assist you in improving these conditions. In addition to this, I will have regular communication with your GP to allow the most holistic approach to your health. We are equipped with the latest knowledge about cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological, musculoskeletal and metabolic disorders.
question markWhat is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist?
There are some overlaps, but this will give you a guide. Personal Trainers are excellent for people with no medical conditions. Exercise Physiologists can help with metabolic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurological and musculoskeletal conditions through the use of exercise perscription intervention. Physiotherapists are the specialists when it comes to musculoskeletal conditions, having a much broader scope in this particular area.
question markI have also heard of Exercise Scientists and Sports Scientists, where do they fit in?
Accredited Exercise Scientists apply their broad scientific knowledge to optimise sport, exercise and physical activity outcomes for a range of non-clinical populations to enhance wellbeing and physical function. Accredited Sports Scientists provide training and/or physical assessment data to assist coaches and athletes optimise the athletes performance and help medical staff to make a final decision on an athlete’s “readiness on a return to play” following an injury or illness.

Patient Testimonials.

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    Thank you so much for giving me freedom from my lower back pain!

    John Smill
  • man with sore back

    I have lost weight and continue to do so with this group exercise. I enjoy each session and always look forward to the next.

    Edith Smith
  • nervously exercising man

    I was nervous going as I don't like exercise. I was suprised that I can do the exercise, and it actually isn't too bad.

    Jenny Lane
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